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Our Rubber Teats

Rubber being a 100% natural material material with a soft, elastic texture, the teats closely approximate the feel of a mother's breast.

We manufacture and offer a wide range of rubber teats with different sizes, flow rates and drillings.

Manufactured with compression molding.

All our teats respect the European standard EN 14350 and fully meet the requirements, on quality, durability or strength of the product.

100% French production

Thanks to our R&D experts and our high-performance industrial tool, we can help you develop new models of baby teats.


Our Silicone Teats

We also manufacture and offer different models of high quality silicone teats, round tip, different flow rates and drillings.

Manufactured with injection molding

All our teats respect the European standard EN 14350
and fully meet the requirements on quality, durability and strength of the product.


Our teats are strictly controlled throughout the production process.

100% French production


Ring / Cap

Our plastic accessories consist of a screw ring and a suitable cap, which fits on wide-necked baby bottles.

The design of the screw pitch allows for fitting on most wide-necked bottles, especially glass bottles originating from the SGD Group.
Nous pouvons vous proposer nos coloris standard, depuis le polypropylène injecté sous sa forme naturelle à savoir translucide, jusqu’aux couleurs pastel composant la plupart des gammes de petite puériculture. De plus, ce matériau du fait d’être très noble et d’être recyclable nous offre une palette de couleurs très étendues. Nous pouvons aussi, selon votre demande, composer des coloris spécifiques en nous basant sur les codes pantone existants.
Benefits: The ring and cap do not contain polycarbonate (PC) plastic. The material used for the production of the accessories is Polypropylene (PP) which is totally food safe, FDA approved and free of Bisphenol A (BPA) molecules.
Advice for use: we recommend sterilizing the plastic accessories before use, as well as the teat, for 3 minutes in boiling water. We also recommend cleaning and washing all accessories after use.

Our Hygiene & Breastfeeding products

Products designed in our design office.

Injection moulding with medical grade LSR silicone

Medium and large series machining.

In accordance with EN14000 standards


100% French production

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